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Φωτογραφία Σχόλια Σύγκριση Αναφορά Λάθους
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Επιστ/κή ον/σία: Veronica kindlii Adamović 1904
Κοινή ον/σία:
Υψόμετρο: 1600-2500μ
Ενδιαίτημα Πετρώδεις πλαγιές, Ξέφωτα Δασών, Υποαλπικά λιβάδια
Ενδημικό Όχι
Γεωγραφική εξάπλωση: Βόρεια Κεντρική Ελλάδα, Βόρεια Πίνδος, Νότια Πίνδος, Στερεά Ελλάδα, Άγραφα , Βέρμιο , Βόρρας , Γράμμος , Κακαρδίτσα , Κατάρα, Λάκμος , Οίτη , Τριγγία, Τύμφη, Τυμφρηστός

Habitat:—Alpine and subalpine meadows, stony or grassy meadows, rocky slopes, forests; on granitic, micaceous, or schistose soils, occasionally also on limestones and serpentines; (900) 1,600–2,500 m.

Distribution:—SW Balkans; Albania, Greece, Montenegro, and Republic of Macedonia (Fig. 7).

Phenology:—Flowering from (May) June to July.

Notes:—The phylogenetic analysis of V. subsect. Pentasepalae using DNA sequence data, morphological, biogeographical and ploidy level information (Rojas-Andrés et al. 2015), has revealed that the populations identified as V. orsiniana from the Balkan Peninsula constitute an independent evolutionary lineage. According to these results, we proposed to recognize these Balkan populations as a separate species and use the next available name V. kindlii Adamović for them. The name V. orsiniana is reserved for the plants distributed along a continuous area from NE Spain and southern France to Italy.

Specimens Examined:—ALBANIA. Berat: Süd-Albanien: Gebiet des Tomor-Gebirges (östlich Berat), Südostteil, grasiger Steilhang, kalk, 1900 m, 20 June 1928, Dr. Markgraf & Dr. Pieper s.n. (B100325918).

GREECE. Evrytania: Mt. Timphristos, Velouchi summit (NE of Karpenision), open, stony slopes, rocky ridge, alpine pastures and snowbed meadows, limestone, stony alpine grassland, from alt. 2000 m. up to the peak 2315 m, 30 June 1970, E. Stamatiadou 10456 (ATH10305)

Chromosome Number:—2n = 16.